Einstein’s statement EssayAccording to Einstein’s statement that Memory is deceptive because it is colored by todays events one should take a concrete position in order to prove it or not. There is nothing frozen in the cycle of life, everything is in flux. The process of memorizing information around is amazing at a glance. However, there should be an explanation of why human beings get stuck on what they know about a definite thing or event, and do not want to step back not a jot.     I think that there are several responses on what Einstein once said.Hence, memory can be deceptive for a man, as it refers to the past and to the present only. Here comes a logic evaluation of the Einstein’s statement which designates the idea of what is known to people currently and what is not. Thereupon, it is a matter of contradiction between three states of time, so to speak: past, present, and future. It goes without saying that the first two relate to what is recollected in our memories. On the other side, the future is a mystery for every human being.

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